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Residence and work permit 

There are several ways to obtain a Dutch work and residence permits for non-EU citizens. Such as in the 'standard way', as a highly skilled migrant, as entrepreneur/major shareholder and as an innovative entrepreneur. ABiLiTieS Trust can inform you about the options for your business and handle requests.

Reference status

ABiLiTieS Trust has a good track record making referent status requests for hiring highly skilled migrants at the Dutch immigration services. The reference status is required for allowing highly skilled migrants to be granted Dutch work and residence permits in a straight forward way within only 2-3 weeks time. The reference status is applied by most companies which regularly hire staff from outside the EU.

Innovative start-ups

The Netherlands want to attract innovative businesses. For entrepreneurs of innovative start-ups it is possible to obtain a Dutch work and residence permit. Together with a facilitator, experienced with local circumstances and start-ups, a Dutch company can be started.

30% ruling request

We also handle requests for 30% rulings. An Dutch tax arrangement for employees who are hired abroad to work in the Netherlands and allows payment of 30 per cent of their salary as a tax-free allowance as a compensation for the extra expenses of moving and living abroad. Next to the request for a 30% ruling, ABiLiTieS Trust offers the legal service to update an employment agreement with relevant 30% ruling provisions.

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The Dutch American Friendship Treaty offers US residents the possibility to come over to the Netherlands and incorporate a company or start a self-proprietorship. The main requirement will be to fund the business' bank account with at least €4,500. There will be no check on entrepreneurial experience, no limitation to age  and you can also sponsor your spouse and minor children for residence. Any kind of business is available under the treaty. It is also an option to open a branch of an existing American company or acquire, part of, an existing Dutch business. The first DAFT residence permit will be issued for a period of two years. 

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