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Registered address and virtual office services in the Netherlands

ABiLiTieS Trust provides inviting virtual office solutions in Amsterdam for any individual need, from only a virtual office to a fully equipped business address. 

Virtual office services packages, existing of a registered address in a shared office in Amsterdam and post forwarding includes the use of a desk, internet and printing facilities. 

Every company in the Netherlands needs an address for registration. The mail scan services can be extended with telephone forwarding or answering, use of meeting rooms, scanning and storage of your administration. 

The registration of the legal address with the Amsterdam trade register can be handled for you.

Establish a presence on the Dutch market with a virtual office / shared office. You can start an Dutch based office at a prime location in Amsterdam, a financial and creative hub, for minimal cost. Ask for our attractive rates. 

Watch our video on the benefits of a registered address in Amsterdam:

Virtual office package Amsterdam, less than € 80, ex. VAT per month, in case of a 12 month term:

> Address at representative office location in Amsterdam

> Handling of post and forwarding

> Use of shared office

How convenient it is to receive all your business' post by email in the form of PDF files. You save time, never lose any incoming correspondence and have a tidy office. 

Currently, we also offer independent office units in Amsterdam for 1-2 persons against very attractive prices. Be fast in your responce. There are only a few left. 

Contact us now for the set up of your virtual office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Try a Dutch trading company with a virtual office address

A trading company in the Netherlands gives many opportunities. A Dutch VAT and EORI number enables to sell your company's products in all countries of the European Union. The logistical support and VAT regime in the Netherlands are ideal. 

Sales are most often done online, so your business does not need to have an independent office. Registered address services can save a large amount on rent expenses. 

A Dutch virtual address can offer your company cheap access to a large market. The costs of running a Dutch business are low and it is straightforward to do business. The Netherlands offer the port of Rotterdam and Schiphol airport and good connections with Germany.

ABiLiTieS can support as business set up using a virtual office.  By creating a Dutch permanent establishment, your business will be entitled to a Dutch VAT number and EORI number. 

The benefits of a virtual office address for your business

> Establish your business in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, for minimal cost

> No long term rent required

> Availability of meeting rooms 

> Get a local telephone number and local address 

> Privacy and no visitors at your personal address

> Get easy access to numerous support services

> Can be set up within a day

> Registration with the trade register can be handled for you


What is a virtual address in the Netherlands?

A virtual address is not directly defined under Dutch law. At the same time a registered office address is a legal requirement for all companies, other legal forms such as coops and partnership and even self-proprietorships established in the Netherlands. 

As a definition, the virtual office address can be explained as a legal office address used by legal persons or sole proprietorship which need to have a legal and or business address to receive correspondence and other important documents without renting an actual physical office space. 

The purpose of the virtual office address is to provide the trade register, Dutch tax authorities and other government bodies with an official address for delivering statutory mail and legal notices, as well as for keeping the company’s shareholder registers. 

The registered address does not need to be in the same part of the country where your main commercial activities are carried out, but does need to be a full, physical postal address with a dedicated desk or office space for your business. The use of a residential address is permitted, but many people prefer to keep their home details private.

How to register a business address with the trade register? 

Any company that is registered with the Dutch trade register shall have an address available as visiting address. If favored also a postal address can be registered. The same counts for a business using a virtual office, shared office center or multi-tenant building. For registration of a company, proof of the right to use the business address shall be provided to the trade register. A copy of a rental agreement can be such proof. 

If it appears from the lease that the office space, or a desk at the address, can be used permanently, the address can be used for registration as a visiting address at the trade register. This does not mean that there shall always be someone present, but the possibility shall be there to be permanently present. 

Registration of a new or changed office address of any type of legal entity or branch office can be done at the Amsterdam trade register by means of a completed address registration form signed by one of the directors. You can find instructions of the trade register and the applicable form 14 here

You have to report the change of address of your business in a week's time. If the address is not updated, it may have consequences for your company's liability.

ABiLiTieS supports your business' address registration

ABiLiTieS Trust's Amsterdam based team offers full secretarial support to handle address registration and can provide an updated extract in English language with apostille within 24 hours. 

Do you urgently need to have your business address updated at the trade register? Also here ABiLiTieS offers support with fast track business address registration. Contact us.

Why a business address in Amsterdam?

Business address services fees are low and offer your business huge benefits: 

> Proximity to large number of wealthy clients

> 'Made in Holland' brand

> Dutch VAT regime and EU VAT number

> Dutch corporate income tax rates 


Licensed trust company

ABiLiTieS Trust has been granted a trust license by the Dutch Central Bank for providing directorship and registered address services. Click here to visit the register of trust offices. 

As a trust company ABiLiTieS Trust can offer business address services in combination with accounting or legal support services. How convenient is that for your business. Contact us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Useful link:

Trade register with information on registration, ordering information and doing business in the Netherlands in English language