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Legal counselling and secretarial assistance


Legal services

Every country has it own specific regulations to comply with. ABiLiTieS Trust prepares or reviews all standard legal documents in accordance with Dutch law and handles all secretarial tasks such as legalisations. 

How comfortable and assuring it is to have a short call or email and to have your question answered in no time by an experienced Dutch legal counsel? All for an attractive hourly rate or fixed fee.

Amongst others our legal team has good knowledge of corporate law, employment law, compliance/sanction regulations and other regulations businesses encounter. Our legal counsels also have extensive practical knowledge of accounting and taxation enabling them to cooperate efficiently with the tax and accounting teams. 

Being based at the South side of Amsterdam, close to the financial and legal heart of the Netherlands, ABiLiTieS Trust will share with you the contacts of firms from our extensive network of notaries, lawyers and legal specialists.  

You can trust that your company will be in good standing and the registration with the trade register up to date. 

In case you have a director's position at your company in Netherlands, the tax and publication deadlines will be monitored, thus mitigating the risk of personal liability.  

Secretarial services

ABiLiTieS Trust can support your Dutch operations in many ways by means of our devoted secretarial assistance which does not stop after office hours:

> Corporate filing

> Registrations with the UBO and trade register 

> Arranging legalisations and apostilles

> Requesting residence certificates

> Hiring official translators and interpreters

> Handling post received at the Dutch business address

> Making office translations of Dutch correspondence

> Planning and hosting of meetings and conference calls

> Arrange transportations or personal pick up

> Advice on, and booking of hotels and restaurants in or outside Amsterdam

  • Secretarial support Netherlands
  • Dutch legal counseling

Secretarial services are offered at low rates, while providing a strong relief. Keeping the registration of your company's details with the trade register is very important. There can be severe legal implications in case of late or no registration of changes.

Does a Dutch company require a corporate secretary?

In common law countries, the company secretary ensures the company remains in compliance with company law, maintains certain statutory registers and makes the necessary filings with the companies register such as annual returns, financial reports and certain forms with respect to changes to the board and share capital. 

In the Netherlands, a company secretary is not required. Also the signing of documents does not require the involvement of a corporate secretary as witness under Dutch law. ABiLiTieS fulfils a role very similar to company secretary to many of its client companies. As a legal specialist it advises and makes sure all filings are made accurately and on time. 

Has your Dutch business registered its UBO's?

A Dutch company shall have its (in)direct beneficiaries with more than 25% ownership or votingship rights registered in the UBO register. A UBO shall always be a natural person. In case there is no UBO, a pseudo UBO shall be registered. ABiLiTieS can provide you with guidance and registration support.

Contact us in case of any questions or to request a fee quote.

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