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What corporate services our Amsterdam based trust company offers? 

The Netherlands has no COVID-restrictons anymore 

ABiLiTieS Trust is a corporate services provider specialised in companies with operations in the Netherlands. Our Amsterdam located trust company offers first class services in: 

ABiLiTieS Trust | Corporate Services, Company Formation Netherlands

Company formation   

Registered address                 



Tax compliance

Legal support     

Secretarial support  

> Expat services 

The Netherlands are an excellent gate to the rest of the world. Its location with a large port (Rotterdam) and airport (Amsterdam), strong financial system make the Dutch jurisdiction stand out. And do not forget attractive financing and holding regime, many double taxation treaties, unique level of asset protection. Nor flexible law and sound legal system, high standards of living and efficient expat center, 

Our experienced and proactive trust team can support you to set up and maintain your business in the best way. Feel free to contact our Amsterdam office to obtain more information in respect of business support in the Netherlands.

14 Reasons to open a business in the Netherlands 

A Dutch company, part of a structure, should last for many years. Multiple aspects are relevant to realise a sound jurisdiction for opening a business. Also depending on the company's activities: operations, holding or investment. 

In this respect starting a company in the Netherlands offers:

> Import and Export, for import into and export out of the EU you need to have a EU VAT number and EORI number 

> Unique level of asset protection, provided by a high number of investment protection treaties. This combined with a  territorial approach to bankruptcies and legal forms enabling floating assets and split of ownership/economical rights

> Sound and efficient legal system which enables swift set up, restructuring and liquidation 

> Flexible law enabling tailormade cooperation between investors

> Attractive expat conditions with an expat center enabling highly skilled migrants to be hired on the short term with limited paperwork. Plus a compensation for the additional expenses by means of a 30% ruling

> Proven holding regime with absence of dividend withholding tax (when structured properly)

> Good infrastructure by means of international airports/roads/international trains/ports

> Double taxation treaties with a large number of countries

> Fund structures that are attractive and low cost

> Good 'onshore' reputation a Dutch company is accepted by business partners and foreign authorities

> High standards of living with affordable housing, safety, good education and work environment

> Solid financial and corporate services infrastructure which benefits from a stable real economy

> Politicial stability

> Independent, effective and efficient dispute resolution

Contact our company formation team to get more information on Dutch companies.

Why use a trust office in the Netherlands?

Your company will benefit from using a trust company because of:

> Specialised knowledge of local requirements available even when there are only limited activities

> Full flexibility as there will be no need for persons on the payroll

> Independent checks on all transactions

> Fixed fee prices of trust services and corporate services can be agreed

> Dutch substance is very important to qualify for tax treaty benefits and a VAT number

ABiLiTieS Trust's team will be servicing your business with great dedication. Contact our team based in Amsterdam to get more information on Dutch corporate services.

A virtual office gives your Dutch company a low cost start

By registering a LLC with a Dutch virtual office you can already have your business be present in the Netherlands. A virtual address gives the freedom of receiving your company's post coveniently at any place in the world. ABiLiTieS Trust offers attractive priced registered address services, company formation and branch registration. 

Your office in Amsterdam can be a reality in a few days. The legal address can be used for receipt of post or marketing. Also, it can be used for registration with the Dutch trade register. Be closer to your clients and have your sales profit from the Dutch reliable and innovative image. 

Useful link:

Dutch Central Bank with information on trust office supervision