Businesses be prepared for the Brexit

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It is still unclear how the Brexit as per 29 March 2019 will be shaped. [Read More…]

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Company formation | IR Global’s members meeting

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ABiLiTieS Trust joined the IR Global Annual Conference in London as Company Formation specialist. [Read More…]

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Company formation | Minimal Salary Requirements

Director ship services Netherlands.jpgA person that (in)directly holds shares in a Dutch company could qualify as a director and major shareholder (‘DMS’) and be bound to minimal salary requirements. [Read More…]

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Directorship Services | The Netherlands Director’s Liability

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How to minimalise my director’s liability. [Read More…]

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Tax Services | The Netherlands Budget Proposals 2019

Tax Services Netherlands.jpgOn the third Tuesday of September the Dutch Government traditionally announces its budget proposals for the upcoming year. [Read More…]

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Dutch company formation services | An extended first financial year

Extended financial year BV in Netherlands.jpgWhat is an “Accounting period” or “Financial year”?
An accounting period is the period over which the accounting books for a Dutch limited liability company (‘BV’), or any other type of legal entity, shall be prepared. [Read More…]

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Company formation services | Pitfalls of company incorporation in the Netherlands

Incorporation-Pitfalls.jpgThe risks when incorporating a BV can be considered to be low. [Read More…]

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ABiLiTieS Trust joins international network IR Global as Dutch company formation specialist

IR-Global_3-1-Rectangle-300x100-300x101.jpgABiLiTieS Trust is proud to announce that it has been selected for inclusion in IR Global. [Read More…]

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